About REKO

Worldwide, in almost all industries

REKO products are used worldwide in various industries: from the food industry to waste recycling, from the chemical industry to water purification installations. With more than 45 years of experience in the field of screening and transport technology, we have references from the most divergent applications and industries.

Quality and service

We manufacture our products in the Netherlands using the most modern design and production technologies. REKO also has the expertise needed to design and build equipment in accordance with specific European Directives, including the ATEX guideline. REKO’s own service department will take care of technical support and maintenance on site.

REKO Industrial Equipment B.V.

We were established in 1964 as a trading company in industrial products. Since 1980 we have been developing our own product series in the field of screening and transport technology. REKO is situated in Stellendam, the Netherlands. We operate in the German market from our offices in Füssen, Germany and are additionally represented in various other countries.

REKO products overview